Letterpress is the art of imprinting letters and images into paper using movable type, linoleum or wood block. The artform takes a meticulous hand, and is labor-intensive. One must set up for each color that is printed, much in the way multi-color screenprinting is achieved. Letterpress is a fine art, derived from the woodblock prints of ancient cultures, and it maintains a sensory quality unable to be achieved by modern laser and digital methods.     
Chapbook cover for Jake Severen, Small Anchor Press, 2008
Metal plate notecard
Poetry broadside for The Center for Book Arts Center Series Broadside Readings, 2008 NYC.
Poem: My Life As China by Evie Shockley
Chapbook cover for Betsy Wheeler, Small Anchor Press, 2008
Reductive woodcut print poster - CBA with Katie Baldwin etc.
Woodcut relief set up on Uni III press bed. See poster above.
Blind emboss chapbook cover for Mathias Svalina, Small Anchor Press 2007, with photos by Jon Pack
Album cover for Oliva's Road - Boulder, Colorado Ephemera Exchange and Small Anchor Press 2008; Woodcut and metal type.
Two Tribal Stories chapbook cover for Small Anchor press; handset metal type and ornaments.